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Delivering best class training, education and cyber security awareness with high audience engagement

Basic To Advanced Workforce Training

Our experts run different levels of training from basic to advanced in a wide range of subjects such as Cybersecurity, Cloud computing, networking and data protection. We use many training engagement methodologies to achieve deep-level knowledge.

Our Cyber Security courses

Introduction of Cyber Security

  • Learn what cybersecurity is and its potential impact on you.

  • Understand the most common threats, attacks and vulnerabilities.

  • Gain insights into how businesses protect their operations from attacks.

Infrastructure and Network Cyber Security

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of network security.

  • Design, implement, and support security for networked devices and data.

  • Earn critical thinking and problem-solving skills using real scenarios.

  • Gain industry-recognized skills aligned with the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.

Cloud Security

  • In-depth understanding of the full capabilities of cloud computing.

  • Knowledge to effectively develop a holistic cloud security program relative to globally accepted standards

  • Understand best practices for Identity and Access Management (IAM), cloud incident response, application security, data encryption, Security as a Service, and securing emerging technologies.

C-Level Cyber Knowledge

We ensure delivering C-level Cyber Knowledge which allows the management board to understand essential information to apply the correct decision-making.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Our team believe in modern cyber learning techniques such as:

  • Cybersecurity Campaign simulations.

  • Hackathon events.

  • Cyber Security Escape Room.

  • Cyber Security Hacking Demos

Our Cloud Computing courses

Cloud Practitioner

  • Learn the fundamentals of the Cloud Computing.

  • Differentiate between on-premises, hybrid-cloud, and all-in-cloud models.

  • Describe the basic global infrastructure of the Cloud.

  • Describe and provide an example of the core AWS services, including compute, network, database, and storage services.

Cloud Architecting

  • Identify architecting basic practices.

  • Identify services and features to build resilient, secure, and highly available IT solutions in the Cloud.

  • Learn the process of designing optimal IT solutions using the Well-Architected Framework, based on real-life scenarios.

  • Explore services for account security, networking, compute, storage, databases, monitoring, automation, containers, serverless architecture, edge services, and backup and recovery.

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