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For an advanced world for your company, advanced technology holds the key

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provide accessibility to advanced technologies platforms with affordable prices, infrastructure global access and low latency user experience. On the other hand, cloud technology offers complex advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that produce new potential customers and products. We manage cloud services and DevOps in all cloud computing architecture models.

  • Infrastructure as Service IaaS.

  • Platform as Service PaaS.

  • Software as Service SaaS.

Some of the most used cloud services:

  • Virtualising compute resources such as virtual machines, containers and serverless architectures.

  • Manage cloud security tools and features to keep data at rest, data in use and Data in motion safe and help customers to achieve cloud regulation compliance.

  • Manage relational and NoSQL Databases with high availability and scalability

  • Manage different types of storage such as Block Level EBS, File Level EFS and Object Level S3 and the lifecycle.

  • Support customers in using Advanced and complex technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Virtualisation Technology

Virtualisation technology allows an organisation to utilise their compute recourses efficiently and effectively and give them dynamic movement to their applications on different hardware. In addition, the virtualisation technology provides many services and features to support vMotion, high availability (HA), fault-tolerance (FT) and zero-down strategy, dynamic resource scheduler (DRS) and power management policy (PMS). We support and offer our customers VMware vSphere suite and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation software.

Some of the benefits of using virtualisation technology:

  • Achieve high performance and utilisation to compute resources.

  • Minimised the downtime

  • Meet regulatory requirements to keep data on-premises

  • Seamless migration to compute virtualised resources.

Advanced Backup Systems

We provide three different types of storage systems to our customers based on their needs.

  • Storage Area Network (SAN): allow organisations to achieve high-performance and low latency for critical applications or high workload virtual machines by using block-level data storage mechanism.

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS): support high number of files and folder volumes by using file-level data storage mechanism.

  • Object Level storage (Cloud-based): one of the most affordable and scalable storage technology that using Cloud provides such as S3 Amazon Web Services AWS, Azure Blob.

Some of the benefits of an automated backup system:

  • A computerised backup will reduce human errors.

  • Protect against cybersecurity attacks on digital assets.

  • Build data disaster recovery process both on-site and off-site.

  • Build restoration points to customer data.

Data Protection & Data Loss Prevention DLP

One of the most critical tasks to any company is to ensure their critical data is safe from misuse, losing data or unauthorised access. Our DPL solutions will provide data security protection against local users’ misuse or malicious accessibility. Also, it helps organisations achieve local and international standard regulations compliance such as UAE PDPL, ADHICS, EU GDPR.

Some of the benefits of Data Protection & Data Loss Prevention DLP:

  • Protect users against accidental data loss.

  • Minimise the risk of a data breach.

  • Improve data security and achieve regulatory compliance.

  • Make data audit a simple and easy process.

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