Get ADHICS certification accomplished

What is ADHICS in Simple World?

  • Abu-Dhabi Health information security standard aims to enhance and protect information security and patient healthcare records in all healthcare entities.
  • It has 73 basic controls and 255 sub-controls that apply to all entities.
  • The healthcare entity must submit a security assessment every three months and achieve 86% compliance.
  • The healthcare entity needs to participate in the annual information security audit to get a certification and renew it afterwards.
  • All healthcare entities need to patriciate with AAMEN Programme/platform to automate the compliance monitoring activities.
  • ADHICS compliance is a prerequisite to go through the Malaffi onboarding process.

ADHICS Certification Lifecycle

Our ADHICS Solutions

Services For Small – Medium Businesses SMBs healthcare entities:

Cyber Security Awareness Webinars

  • Run a cybersecurity awareness webinar that focuses on the latest healthcare topics monthly
  • Consider periodic cybersecurity awareness campaigns in ADHICS compliance.
  • Spread the cybersecurity knowledge across your team.

Security Assessment Submission
only AED 1500 / 3 months

  • Make the submission on behalf of the healthcare entity
  • Give recommendations to achieve one-time submission and approval from the AMEEN team.
  • Helping healthcare entities in implementing those recommendations to a certain level.

vCISO Virtual Chief Information Security Officer
only AED 2000 / month (2 hours every fortnight)

  • Expert consultation in cybersecurity with more than 15 years of experience in Australia and the UAE.
  • Provide suggestions to handle ADHICS compliance.
  • Attend board meetings and suggest a cybersecurity strategy.

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