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  • Our comprehensive suite of business services has been designed to increase your business efficiency while lowering costs. We can meet any requirement on time and on budget.
  • Wherever you're taking your business, we can help you get there. We have the people, the skills, the services, the technology, and the insight you need to beat the competition.
  • We provide you with unparalleled services ensuring high quality candidates across industry sectors and job functions.
  • Our extensive local knowledge and expertise enable us to overcome the recruitment and staffing challenges.
  • We provide our clients with a smooth onboarding, compliant processes, and reliable service.
  • We support your backend functions enabling the scaling of your operations at ease while you are focusing on the business.
  • We never delay salaries to our contracted employees and have strong support and engagement programs.

Our Services


  • Managing job description generation and talent acquisition to build up customer capacities and capabilities.
  • Customized staffing options as per our customer needs that are delivered within his budget and timeline.
  • Outsource customer’s functions of HR, payroll processes, and administration to maximize customer focus on core business while save on operations cost.
  • Assign/Allocate our residency visa to customer’s selected staff with all related insurances and support.

Short Term

  • Short Term Staffing solution provides our customer the flexibly to scale his staff in accordance with his business needs and demands.
  • Whether it's a project-based hire or task-specific hire our consultants got you covered.

Long Term

  • Long Term Staffing solution offers an access to a wider talent pool who are eager to rebase to Middle East region.
  • We support our customer in establishing their company culture among their newly hired workforce.

Remote 360

  • Remote 360 Staffing Solution provides customer with the advantage of internationally diversified talent.
  • Geographically distributed workforce that meets business challenges and requirements on a 24x7x365 base.


  • High-performing staff from mid-senior level positions all the way to executive search.
  • Strong understanding of the local markets supported by an extensive database of candidates.
  • Established processes for interview and screening that enables quick hires and smooth onboarding.
  • In-depth knowledge of local labor laws, visa and licensing regulations that help our customers mitigate any hiring risks.

Executive Search

  • A senior position requires thoughtful consideration for both candidate and the company.
  • We emphasize partnership, which means getting to know your business both culturally and operationally so that we can customize a scalable solution.

Contingency Recruitment

  • A recruitment service where we charge No fees until we source and fill your vacancy.
  • It's designed to save our customers time, and money, while reducing workload on their internal HR department and deliver well suited candidates for the job.

Workforce Nationalization

  • Our expert team on Nationalization programs are industry experts on all matters of local hiring.
  • They are enabled to successfully service our clients in the private & government sectors and across many initiatives, seniority levels and programs.


Payroll process is not as simple as it appears. The diverse expatriate nationalities and the ever-changing local regulations make payroll an intricate process.

A proper documented payroll process has become imperative for all companies operating in the Middle-East Region. From compliance with local regulation to the provision for end-of-service benefit are just simple examples of potential legal risks that a cross-borders companies could encounter.

iTeam payroll services will support our customer mitigating legal risks, provide a fully complaint and secure solution, reduce operational cost, and give employees increased control and transparency.


Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services help companies hire employees without establishing a legal entity in designated countries.

Whether a candidate is selected by you directly or through our talent acquisition teams, we manage the rest while the employee can start working for you in a matter of days. Hiring via our PEO is a faster and more cost-effective option -especially when starting up in a new country.

Our PEO services provide you with a streamlined option for hiring employees, testing markets, and responding to growing business needs.

With iTeam PEO Services, you get control without taking on legal entity liabilities, contractor risks, or sacrificing on talent or speed to market while reducing your capital investment.


Whether you are looking to transform your HR function, redesign your payroll and HR processes, increase local support, or gather in-depth local intelligence, we can help.

We support you to address the unforeseen or unconventional problems that can arise when managing a cross-border workforce. We can also execute the routine administrative tasks, throughout the employment lifecycle, freeing you up to focus on your business priorities.

Our support include but not limited to areas such as: HR transformation and change management, tax and HR compliance, payroll and HR project management, compensation, incentives, health benefits, immigration, global mobility, expatriate strategy, guidance on employment law, and employee equity plans.


Our offshoring service provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to running a large and expensive operation in home country. Allowing customers to scale their operations without overspending.

All types of businesses, from small-to-medium enterprises to large corporations can benefit from offshoring advantages of skilled & competent talent pool, better ROls, higher flexibility, and extended multiple time-zone operations.

Our agile model allows client to either retain control over daily operations or outsource it to our experienced team along with other back-end services such as payroll, sponsorship, compliance, facilities, and HR functions. We build a customized offshore strategy to make sure your offshore workforce operates smoothly and efficiently with defined onboarding and transitioning processes. Our various offshore locations caters for various industries including IT, Oil & Gas, Energy, Aviation, Banking and Finance, Telecom, Insurance, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics and many more



Technology & Engineering

We understand the complexities and challenges of the sector. From a worldwide pool of talent, we source highly skilled technical talent and mobilize them to customer offices or our various office locations.


Banking & Finance

The banking and finance services industry is one of the economy’s most important and influential sectors. Our extensive experience combined with our consultative approach allow us to source, screen, and retain the critical talent to push your business forward.


Pharma & Healthcare

We are a leading recruitment expert for pharma and healthcare industry connecting top-level professionals in clinical and non-clinical roles.


E-commerce & Digital

We offer customized eCommerce recruitment and staffing solutions to leading organizations looking to grow as established players in the Middle East and across various functions such as technology, digital, customer service, transport and delivery, sales and marketing, logistics, operations, warehouse etc..


Logistics Supply

We offer our solutions for manufacturing, production, logistics and distribution roles in the industry within the Middle East market.


Energy Oil & Gas

Our dedicated consultants have local market expertise and global talent network in recruiting & hiring mid to senior level, board & C-Suit executives across upstream, downstream and chemicals sectors.


Retail & Consumer

Ensure your customers have unforgettable shopping experience by recruiting best-in-class retail talent. We offer a complete talent acquisition services for retail, luxury and fashion sectors in the Middle East.


Aviation & Automotive

Managing aviation or automotive company requires an experienced and very efficient staff in this competitive era. Our services will provide the tools needed to stay ahead.


Telecom & Network

The Telecom industry continues to encounter many workplace management and compliance issues under the changing laws globally. Our expertise in the sector will cement your presence in the market.



Hiring in the government sector requires broad knowledge and understanding of the local market, employers often find it difficult to find skillful professionals to fill in the vacant positions.